All music available from Bibliotheque catalogue is protected by international copyright laws and may not be used without the appropriate licence. Applying for a licence is simple and can be completed online using the Production Music Licence Manager. A licence application must be made prior to any exploitation of the production.

Information including the Title, Composer, Publisher and Duration must be provided for each track used in a production. Performing Rights for the Bibliotheque catalogue are licensed through PRS. An additional licence is required for the broadcast or public performance of all our works, for more information please visit MCPS Production Music.

Licence fees

Within the UK, all usage of our music including Television, Film, Radio, Advertising, Online or Non-broadcast Productions are licensed by MCPS Production Music.

Exclusive licences

Most of the music available in the Bibliotheque catalogue can be licensed exclusively. Our rates vary depending on the type of usage, please contact us directly for more information.


For all international licensing requests please contact us.