A gentle sense of urgency. A fast paced piano motif and tick tock percussion pulse sets the story in motion. Warm bass and urgent guitar add depth and heart.
Purposeful and focused. A staccato string line and warm synth arpeggio are joined by a quick and minimal percussion pattern.The builds in intensity until it reaches its peak at 1.12.
Fast, wide-eyed and hopeful electronic music bed. Warm synth pulses with subtle string textures build, grow and intertwine as the track develops.
Timeless, heart-felt organic music bed with guitars and strings. At 1.03 a piano led B section gives space for emotional storytelling to unfold. Low percussion and bass pulses help drive the track forward.
Lights tension turns into a positive message. A hybrid underscore with organic and electronic music textures creates a sense of subtle foreboding, eventually giving way to warm optimism as the track opens up to reveal its lighter side.
Fun, fast and jittery piano pulses with stuttering and bubbling synth patterns.
It's time to take positive action. A staccato string driven track that inspires strength and togetherness. Warm supporting musical textures and light, driving percussion helps the track to grow in intensity.
A fast paced organic underscore with gently electronic tones. Gentle, quick mallet patterns set the pace, and subtle percussion and hand claps add urgency to a story full of hope and optimism.
Wide-eyed and hopeful electronic music bed with bubbling, pulsing synth patterns.
Forward motion. A driving analog synth pattern pulses forward with stuttering, triggered percussion and dreamy synths gradually adding to a steadily thickening musical texture.