Summery, romantic and empowering female pop with catchy, inspiring choruses and tonnes of attitude and swagger. Commercial, cool and contemporary, featuring dreamy synths, propulsive beats, funky guitars and intimate, atmospheric female vocals. Perfect for advertising, fashion, reality TV and drama.
Light, playful and fun Kids TV arrangements of classic nursery rhymes and playground songs. Catchy, positive and lively, featuring confident male vocals, bright mallets and quirky percussion.
Dreamy, hypnotic synths with laid-back beats and positive, wondrous melodies and textures. Relaxed, downtempo and atmospheric electronic cues with attitude.
Panoramic, cinematic and emotive beds. Heartfelt orchestral and contemporary classical cues with an expansive feel of flying over landscapes, wondrous exploration and the mysteries of nature.
Raucous, playful and energetic jazz with upbeat drums, mischievous trumpets, woodwind banjo and piano. Lively and fun harmonious chaos, full of character and whimsy.
Dreamy, atmospheric and inspiring electronic cues with swagger. Aspirational, attitude-filled future bass with bright, hypnotic synths, determined beats and contemporary vocal FX.
Powerful, determined and swaggering electronic cues. A heroic, dramatic and triumphant collection, full of edit points and with plenty of attitude, perfect for sports, action and motivation.
Summery, warm and uplifting electropop with bright, tropical synths and contemporary electronic beats. Minimal moments build to dramatic, euphoric peaks, with catchy, carefree melodies, perfect for travel, adventures and reality TV.
Dark, brooding and suspenseful cues with the chill of a long winter. From dramatic and determined to haunting and eerie: for frozen mysteries, heroic battles on the ice and the things that go bump in the longest night.
Rebellious and moody blues rock with attitude and swagger, featuring atmospheric guitars, propulsive drums and brooding male vocals, straight from the Everglades.
Rebellious, determined and cool alternative rock with attitude and swagger. Dramatic and impactful cues perfect for advertising, sports and reality TV.
Cool, confident and motivating electronic beds with attitude and swagger. A versatile collection of determined trap, upbeat hip hop and dreamy, relaxed chill hop cues for sports, reality TV and late-night cityscapes.
Atmospheric, organic and joyful traditional folk cues featuring playful banjos, lively fiddle and upbeat, foot-tapping drums. Full of character and energy, these are perfect for advertising and TV.
Cinematic, mysterious and atmospheric beds for haunting drama, developing peril and unfolding investigations. Expansive, organic and impactful cues full of emotion. Quiet, expansive landscapes, long, cold nights and wide skies.
Organic, atmospheric heartfelt songs full of emotion and a daring sense of adventure. With themes of freedom, romance and rebellion, and featuring acoustic guitars and confident male vocals, these versatile and uplifting cues are perfect for TV and advertising.
Mysterious, atmospheric cues for drama and investigation. Determined and inquiring with a hint of the sinister, a characterful toolbox for unfolding mysteries and dark tales.
Whimsical, magical and enchanting orchestral scores, featuring emotive strings and beautiful piano melodies. Light and bright, yet cinematic, rousing and full of mystery and a childlike sense of wonder.
Atmospheric and emotive electronic beds and underscores, featuring dreamy synths and beats. From hypnotic to brooding, inspiring to sophisticated. Versatile and impactful cues perfect for TV and advertising.
Suspenseful, brooding and investigative cues for dark crime drama, unfolding mysteries and developing peril. Atmospheric strings, reflective piano and eerie synths create intriguing melodies., from horror to light curiosity. An essential TV toolkit.
Industrial meets minimal in this collection of atmospheric, dramatic beds. From emotive and reflective to determined and suspenseful, these are great for projects ranging from mysterious dramas to high-octane action.
More in our series of atmospheric, dramatic and impactful synth cues. Perfect for advertising, TV, promo and drama, from ethereal and dreamy to investigative and suspenseful. A versatile electronic toolkit.
Rebellious, dramatic and powerful rock cues with attitude and swagger. Gritty electric guitars and heavy drums build and weave to epic choruses. Great for TV, sports and promo.
Relaxed, playful and carefree ska and reggae for long summer evenings. Featuring upbeat drums, confident brass melodies and funky guitars. Great for advertising.
Atmospheric and impactful beds full of dark emotion. From the haunting and eerie to the determined, ominous and rousing, these minimal instrumental cues are perfect for where tension and drama are needed.
Beautiful, emotive and atmospheric piano scene setters for TV, advertising and drama. Ranging from tense, dark and brooding to wondrous and uplifting. A versatile contemporary classical toolkit.
Investigative and atmospheric electronic cues for science, mysteries, technology, documentaries and sci-fi. From dark and suspenseful to bright, inspiring and wondrous.
Cinematic, atmospheric and mysterious beds for unfolding drama, developing investigations and dark peril. Expansive, organic and impactful cues full of emotion, reminiscent of cold, dark, wide landscapes, endless skies and the longest night.
A positive and playful collection of quirky, fun and innocent tracks. Perfect for kids' TV, advertising and lighthearted and uplifting programming.
A collection of meditative, ethereal and dreamy cues, which ebb and flow with synths and orchestral textures to create beautiful, relaxed beds with an expansive, spiritual feel.
Haunting, mysterious and suspenseful cues full of drama. From anxious and uneasy to frantic and threatening, perfect for tense, spooky content and dark horror.
Quirky, playful and upbeat dramedy and contemporary classical cues featuring pizzicato strings, woodwind, mallets and brass. Full of character and drama, each tells its own story of intrigue, mischief or adventure.
A collection of bright and versatile bed and underscore with a positive edge. Some lightly suspenseful, others joyous and carefree for TV, advertising and promo.
Poignant and sentimental orchestral scores featuring reflective piano melodies, and expressive, emotive strings. Heartfelt, romantic and characterful cues perfect for promos, advertising and TV.
Mysterious and suspenseful beds for crime drama, unfolding mysteries and dark investigations. Atmospheric strings, synths and beats create dramatic cues from determined and tense to bleak and haunting.
Atmospheric, emotive and minimal cues with expansive, panoramic electric guitars, gentle percussion and bright piano. Light yet impactful beds with heart for TV and advertising.
Uplifting and rousing orchestral scores featuring hopeful piano melodies, expressive, emotive strings building to positive, dramatic and inspiring finales. Heartfelt and impactful cues perfect for promos, advertising and TV.
A versatile collection of organic, acoustic guitar beds full of character and emotion while being light and minimal. Positive, bright, innocent and playful cues great for advertising and daytime TV.
Minimal, light and emotive orchestral scores. Atmospheric and versatile scene setters featuring beautiful strings. From haunting and melancholic to uplifting and inspiring, these cues are perfect for film, advertising and TV.
Cinematic and inspiring beds for nature, landscapes and adventure, featuring propulsive tribal drums, beautiful orchestra and mysterious, rousing melodies which combine to create panoramic cues for film, promos, documentaries and advertising.
Beautiful synth and orchestral melodies weave with determined and atmospheric electronic beats to create dynamic, versatile cues perfect for advertising, promo, daytime and reality TV.
Rebellious, moody and dramatic heavy rock cues full of attitude and swagger. Determined, confident electric guitars and propulsive, driving drums weave with dynamic solos and emotive melodies to rousing peaks. Great for action, sports and promo.
Rousing, panoramic and cinematic indie cues full of hope. Uplifting melodies build with expansive guitars, powerful beats and atmospheric vocals. Perfect for inspiring advertising, adventure, reality TV and promo.
Dramatic, attitude-filled EDM cues with swagger for action and sport. Determined synths and energetic beats create this adrenaline-fuelled collection full of motivation and suspense.
Welcome to the haunted house. Spooky, mysterious and quirky Halloween cues with suspenseful pizzicato strings, supernatural synths and haunting textures. Great for ghoulish advertising, ghostly TV and ghastly content.
Atmospheric synth-based cues from dark, dramatic and suspenseful retro synth soundtracks to wondrous and inspiring contemporary pop songs. Perfect for TV and advertising.
A collection of beautiful and mysterious cues for dark drama and investigation. Tracks range from from tense and brooding to expansive and panoramic, featuring expressive strings, propulsive, atmospheric synths and emotive piano.
Beautiful, dramatic and atmospheric contemporary classical cues. Featuring dynamic and intriguing piano, mysterious synths and modern electronic beats. Perfect for advertising, promos and drama.
Dramatic, rousing and expansive orchestral scores from poignant and melancholic to epic and heroic. A beautiful and varied collection of contemporary classical scene setters.
Upbeat, positive and uplifting pop in a range of styles featuring emotive vocals, energetic beats and catchy choruses. Full of heart, perfect for reality and entertainment TV, advertising and promos.
Fun, lively, optimistic and playful tracks covering various genres. From bright and innocent to upbeat and rollicking, these uplifting, positive cues are ideal for advertising, online promotions and daytime TV.
Positive, uplifting and inspiring orchestral cues, from investigative, magical and intriguing to emotive and rousing. For drama, advertising and promos.
Beautiful, atmospheric and emotive orchestral scores for drama, advertising and inspiring content. A collection of versatile soundtrack cues, full of emotion and building to dramatic crescendos.
Determined and atmospheric UK urban songs with attitude, featuring confident male MC vocals, cool, contemporary synths and driving hip hop beats. Perfect for urban drama, sports, entertainment and reality TV.
Determined, dramatic and energetic Euro EDM. Dynamic electro with huge beats, upbeat synths and motivating melodies to fill the dancefloor.
Brooding, suspenseful and investigative cues for crime drama and unfolding mysteries. Dark strings, haunting chimes and reflective piano melodies weave and build to create an atmospheric, uneasy score.
Atmospheric and minimal solo piano scene setters for TV and drama. From tense, dark and brooding to wondrous and uplifting. An emotive and versatile contemporary classical toolkit.
Atmospheric, intriguing and minimal cues in a range of moods that bring subtle emotion to any project. Perfect for TV, advertising and dramas.
Cool, contemporary percussive pop, with quirky percussion, catchy melodies and big choruses. Upbeat, positive and driving, great for advertising, promos and entertainment TV.
Dark, brooding and suspenseful beds for investigations and crime drama. Mysterious cues perfect for uncovering secrets, from spooky and eerie to dark and threatening.
Aspirational indie for soundtrack and advertising. Beautiful layers of wordless vocal harmonies weave and build with guitars, strings and powerful drums to huge crescendoes. Emotive, uplifting and rousing cues for adventure and inspiration.
Atmospheric and emotional solo piano. Minimal piano beds perfect for dramas and advertisement.
Determined, upbeat and urban old school hip hop, featuring confident male MC vocals. From tough and powerful to motivating and aspirational, for reality TV, advertisements, entertainment and sports.
Mysterious and magical orchestral scores for drama, adventures, fantasy and advertising. Featuring expressive strings, powerful brass and wondrous woodwind.
Playful, exciting and euphoric feel-good tracks for positive and happy content, from upbeat and funky to rollicking and rocky to light and innocent. Perfect for TV and advertising.
Dramatic and epic orchestral scores full of mystery, determination and atmosphere. Featuring propulsive strings, powerful brass, huge percussion and ethereal choir. Perfect for drama, action and promos.
Mysterious and investigative electronic cues for science, technology, Sci-fi and action content. Ranging from dramatic, brooding and tense to bright, innocent and playful.
Organic, positive and summery feel-good folk tracks featuring innocent acoustic guitars, dreamy wordless male vocals and percussion.
An uplifting and fun collection of quirky, positive and innocent tracks, covering different genres, from folk to blues, contemporary classical and electro swing. Perfect for kids' TV, advertising and playful programming.
Upbeat, confident and positive indie pop and rock instrumentals, featuring driving drums, cool electric guitars and loads of energy. Perfect for entertainment TV and sport.
The retro guitar collection. From cool rock electric guitars to uplifting and warm acoustic guitars, dramatic, dynamic and atmospheric tracks for TV and commercials.
Dramatic, quirky and humorous dramedy tracks featuring mischievous and intriguing pizzicato strings. Perfect for reality TV, dramas, commercials and online films.
Retro fun meets modern electronic beats in these positive and playful electro swing tracks, featuring dancing basslines, jazzy orchestral cuts, quirky synths and vintage effects.
Inspiring, panoramic and summery indie rock and pop. Youthful, expansive and full of a sense of adventure featuring vocals and powerful, uplifting choruses.
A collection of fun, lively, optimistic and playful tracks covering various genres. Uplifting, positive and ideal for advertising, online promotions and daytime TV.
An uplifting, positive and fun collection of quirky, innocent tracks, covering different genres. Perfect for kids' TV and playful programming.
Innocent, quirky and inspiring feel-good folk tracks, featuring acoustic guitar, piano and percussion. From light and summery to sentimental and heartfelt.

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