A beautiful collection of cinematic trailer cues which grow from small beginnings to emotive, epic peaks. Inspiring, rousing and building with atmospheric synths and wondrous orchestra, transforming from the melancholic and minimal to the heroic and triumphant.
Dramatic, atmospheric and rousing orchestral hybrid tracks for trailers, adventure, and drama. Inspiring, determined and heroic cues full of emotion.
Rousing, inspiring orchestral cues with powerful beats, heartfelt strings and bright synths. For aspirational advertising, promos and TV. Full of an epic feel of overcoming adversity and reaching for dreams.
Ominous, mysterious and tense Sci-fi action cues, featuring brooding synths, heavy electronic beats and loads of attitude. The soundtrack to a dark, haunting dystopia, of expansive, ruined landscapes and an evolving, mutating danger in endless pursuit.
Brooding and rousing trailer cues featuring dramatic orchestral and powerful percussion. From mysterious and suspenseful to ominous and epic, with a strong sense of courage and adventure.
Dark, suspenseful and atmospheric electronic cues full of attitude. Featuring powerful beats, mysterious synths and determined melodies building to epic climaxes. Perfect for action, sci-fi, sports and drama.
Dark, dramatic and suspenseful underscores featuring brooding synths, beats and mysterious melodies. Perfect for investigations, action, Sci-fi, drama and developing peril.
Determined, rousing industrial rock with swagger and attitude, featuring full-throttle electric guitar riffs, powerful drums and glitchy, threatening synths. Great for sports, trailers, action and dark drama.
Dramatic and atmospheric orchestral hybrid cues featuring propulsive electronic beats, intense sound design and determined strings. From emotive and otherworldly to epic and rousing to dark drama. Perfect for trailers, Sci fi, action and sport.
Eerie, threatening and bleak drone cues featuring ominous sound design, ethereal atmospheres and uneasy synths. From dark horror to bright and wondrous, perfect for developing peril, action and Sci-fi.
Dramatic, atmospheric and rousing orchestral hybrid tracks for action, adventure, drama and trailers. From inspiring and heroic to dark and threatening.
Dark, dramatic and determined Sci-Fi action trailer and soundtrack cues. With brooding synths, powerful percussion, mysterious strings and intense, threatening sound design.
Restless, atmospheric and dramatic tension beds for building suspense and suspicion. Curious and investigative cues perfect for mystery, intrigue, science and technology.
Emotional, determined and dramatic orchestral hybrid tracks perfect for action, Sci-fi and trailers. From rousing exhilarating and heroic to brooding and mysterious, with atmospheric synths and intense sound design.
Ominous, brooding and determined cues, building from eerie introductions to huge, powerful finales. Range from dark and mysterious to triumphant and heroic. Suitable for trailers, action and Sci-fi.
Triumphant, epic and heroic cues for trailer, action and adventure. Superhero themes ranging from mysterious and magical to unstoppable and apocalyptic.
A versatile and hard-hitting audio toolkit featuring unique, atmospheric analogue synths and tough electronic beats. Suspenseful and mysterious Sci-fi action with intense, industrial sound design.
Dark, driving and dramatic. Heavy percussive patterns and tribal rhythms combined with electronic synths and growling guitars. Powerful music for tense, creepy, dramatic film scenes and chase sequences.
Intense, dark and propulsive Orchestral hybrid and sound design action cues featuring powerful trailer percussion. Perfect for trailers and Sci-fi action.
Cinematic and atmospheric cues for Sci-fi, action and trailers, featuring dramatic and brooding, retro 80's synths and huge beats.

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