Forward thinking, youthful, light and optimistic electronic music. Tight drum beats, bubbling bass-lines, pulsating synth chords and sampled vocal textures fuse beautifully to create a slick, cool and modern soundtrack for youthful creative expression.
Big and bold triumphant brass arrangements fuse with gritty urban electronic beats to set the perfect scene for a modern story of victory in the face of adversity. The bigger the better. Stronger together.
Positive, bright and simple music beds, some including light classical influences, others with a more electronic-tinged feel. The arrangements and musical texture gradually build and thicken to add anticipation and suspense. Perfect for inspiring stories.
Deep and sophisticated downtown hip hop beats with strings, brass and creatively edited organic samples. Perfect for an urban story full of big dreams, intrigue and the desire to succeed.
The future is now. Hybrid pulses, deep industrial and cinematic drums, low gliding synth bass tones and widescreen strings... a forward thinking soundscape for our high tech cities of the future.
Intricate melodies drawn from a global a sound palette weave in and out of jazz tinged drum beats, and warm enveloping bass lines. An intricate electronic sound track for an organic world.
The journey begins and ends here. A hybrid blend of adventurous, and exotic mallets set the journey in motion. Beautiful strings and orchestral percussion textures gently build and expand horizons. Interwoven mechanical loops signal the passing of time and the precise rhythms of the machines we use to travel the world. Be brave, contemplate dreams and indulge the desire to travel.
Elegant, laid back, deep & housey beats, with a modern edge and a sprinkling of glitter and glamour. Deep kick drums, urgent high hats, and wide clicks and claps punctuate warm, pulsing bass lines, filtered chords and sophisticated string arrangements.
Beautifully recorded intimate piano and subtle string arrangements, with the extended, wide and cinematic sound of modern neoclassical production techniques, extended and layered low end, spacious and gentle string arrangements, and drifting, looping, processed piano textures.
Sun-soaked riffs, sizzling synths and soaring atmospheric textures are propelled by solid, dance floor driven beats. This is the beating pulse of the best summer ever.
Shoegazey & dreamy atmospheric Indie. Analogue synths plugged into esoteric pedal boards with spacious, warm drums, hooky guitars and fuzzy bass. Ethereal background vocals and textures drift in and out. Escape from the mainstream and lose yourself in alternative dreams.
Bright, energetic and uplifting hip hop and electronica. Organic samples, sizzling synths and euphoric vocal snippets twist and turn over tight, warm and modern drums. Clipped, looping percussion keeps the mid-tempo beats steady, while textural samples stutter and repeat towards a brighter future.
Warm, sophisticated, epic and reflective beats. Built to last. Slick, luxurious and warm beats, with a twist of nostalgia and a glance to the future. Silky, soaring strings, amped pianos and classic, crunchy drum sounds. They built them better back then.
Meditative tuned percussion, slowly building alongside hypnotic & shuffling beats. Organic textures swirl around and immerse you in the soothing sounds of resonating steel.
Blurred edges. Drunken guitars. Lonely pianos. Lose yourself in a haze of beats, smouldering vocals, and hybrid textures. The city never sleeps, so take your head out of it.

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