Acoustic jazz guitars weave with lively strings, characterful woodwind, friendly double bass and drums in these relaxed, warm and summery Parisien swing cues. From the heartwarming and romantic to the lively, playful and energetic. The perfect soundtrack for a stroll along the Seine.
Expansive, cinematic and emotive cues featuring expressive strings and reflective piano. From the inspiring and wondrous to the heartbroken and melancholic, perfect for drama, film and advertising.
Expansive, hopeful and inspiring cinematic guitar cues. From the delicate and bright to the determined and rousing, with an organic, adventurous feel and tonnes of emotion.
Jazzy contemporary soul and dreamy chillhop vibes with hypnotic synths, relaxed hip hop drums and confident solos and warm textures. Positive, uplifting and summery cues with laid-back swagger.
Wondrous, expansive and uplifting contemporary classical and orchestral cues. From the industrious and investigative to emotive and inspiring. Building from minimal to the dramatic, for unfolding mysteries, seeking the answers and exploring the depths of the unknown.
Dreamy, irreverent lo-fi bedroom pop and indie slacker rock with a DIY vibe. Playful and fun, with confident guitars, relaxed drums and a summery, carefree feel.
Relaxed, atmospheric and characterful jazz arrangements of classic Christmas carols, from romantic and sentimental to upbeat and playful. A wonderful winter collection featuring piano, double bass, electric guitar and drums.
Cool, contemporary and dynamic pop, electro and dance cues, full of energy and attitude. From playful and uplifting to dark and confident.
Spanish guitars, piano and percussion weave with atmospheric castanets and Latin rhythms in this beautiful, organic and lively album. Flamenco at its finest, full of character, romance and emotion, to get the whole room on their feet.
Expansive, hypnotic and confident psych rock with attitude and swagger. Laid back drums weave with funky bass, cool guitars and mesmerising synths to create dreamy determined and dramatic cues.
Organic, atmospheric and expansive folk full of emotion. Beautiful guitars, reflective piano, solemn brass and delicate organ create heartfelt, characterful and uplifting cues.
Expansive, cinematic and panoramic contemporary classical cues evocative of wide-open landscapes. Expressive strings weave with reflective piano and bright woodwind to create the backdrop to nature and drama.
Cool, old-school hip hop and R&B with upbeat drums, confident brass and playful melodies. Atmospheric and impactful cues with attitude.
Cinematic and characterful orchestral cues: the soundtrack for suspense and mystery. An atmospheric tension toolkit including dynamic and impactful rhythm-section versions for dramatic moments with the same melodic themes.
Atmospheric, rousing and sophisticated electronic orchestral hybrid cues. Impactful scores designed to inspire, perfect for advertising, documentaries and drama. Featuring dynamic synths, emotive orchestra and contemporary beats.
Stripped-back, sophisticated solo-piano, recorded on a Steinway-D. An atmospheric, emotive and impactful mixture of classical and jazz. Classy and characterful cues with heart.
Beautiful and inspiring orchestral cues featuring poignant piano and expressive strings, building to cinematic, emotive peaks. From sentimental romance to determined and epic, these are perfect for drama, film and advertising.
Cool, summery and atmospheric dancehall, bashment and reggaeton, from determined swagger to hypnotic and dreamy, for late nights dancing and long, warm summer days.
Contemporary, cool and upbeat pop for fashion, reality TV and advertising. Catchy, fun and confident cues full of attitude.
Contemporary, summery and playful pop cues from the dramatic and heartfelt to the light and carefree. Great for advertising and reality TV, or for warm days on the beach and late nights by the pool.
Mysterious, suspenseful, and cinematic contemporary jazz cues, featuring reflective piano melodies, strings woodwind and expansive, lyrical saxophone solos. A stand-out collection of beautiful, atmospheric and enigmatic cues.
Upbeat, playful funk and soul tracks with jazzy solos, catchy choruses and atmospheric vocals. Attitude, fun and carefree celebration. For TV, advertising and summertime parties.
Upbeat, contemporary pop cues full of attitude and swagger. Confident vocals and driving beats build to catchy, impactful choruses. Great for advertising, promos and reality TV.
Characterful and cinematic 60's cues, from jazz to surf rock to blues. A versatile and sophisticated retro collection.
Atmospheric and unique contemporary electronica. Expansive and minimal cues, building in sophisticated textural patterns to create complex and mesmerising electronic creations.
Expansive, cinematic and emotive scores with beautiful and atmospheric Indian instrumentation and heartfelt, poignant melodies. Great for documentaries, advertising, drama and nature.
Determined and dramatic electronic urban cues full of motivating melodies, strong beats and tough, rousing instrumentation. Great for sports, reality TV and promo.
Dreamy, hypnotic and determined rock with New Wave guitars, driving drums and bright 80s synths. Playful and propulsive cues great for promo, retro content and advertising.
Cinematic, expansive and rebellious rock and blues from the desert. Full of attitude and stomp-clap swagger, Inspired by dusty landscapes, the open road and endless skies, and perfect for promos, drama, film, advertising and reality TV.
Sparse, eerie and expansive ambient beds full of thoughtful mystery, suspense and emotion. A stand-out collection of organic and beautiful cues which evoke images of distant, desolate landscapes, deserts, deep ocean and the far reaches of space.
Playful, bright and positive retro electronic pop with 80s synths, propulsive beats and a cinematic, wondrous feel.
Lighthearted and summery Parisian swing featuring carefree acoustic guitars with classical guitar melodies. Whimsical, romantic and uplifting, for dramas, reality TV and quirky adverts. Includes vintage mix of each track.
Atmospheric, sophisticated and characterful cues and beds. From melancholic and emotive to lighthearted and carefree, this versatile collection of woodwind themes features live sax, clarinet and flutes.
Cinematic, organic and atmospheric traditional Baltic cues, from Russian dances to innocent folk cues, with a panoramic sense of adventure. Beautiful and authentic tracks for travel, nature, landscapes and advertising.
Upbeat, energetic and confident big band cues with attitude. Dramatic brass, funky guitars and driving drums build to euphoric, rousing peaks. Perfect for advertising and promo.
Cool, hypnotic and atmospheric psych and alternative rock with attitude. Featuring expansive electric guitar riffs, relaxed drums and a dreamy, summery vibe.
Upbeat and positive pop soul songs with a carefree, summery feel. Featuring confident vocals, funky guitars and joyful, catchy melodies.
Light and lively traditional Latin cues featuring bright classical guitars and light percussion. Beautiful and atmospheric Venezuelan folk full of warmth and character.
Upbeat and percussive house and dance cues with tribal beats, contemporary synths and atmospheric vocal FX. Perfect for reality and entertainment TV, fashion and advertising.
Rebellious, confident and atmospheric rock cues for the open road. Featuring determined electric guitar riffs, powerful beats and panoramic, expansive melodies. Great for promos, sports and reality TV.
Contemporary electronic cues with an urban edge. Emotive, sophisticated and dramatic, featuring relaxed beats, modern synths and stylish strings. Some cues uplifting and rousing, others melancholic and dreamy, the album moves treads the line between dark and light. Great for promos, drama, and advertising.
Summery, positive, upbeat electro pop with a fresh, contemporary and feminine feel. Sunshine, swimming pool and funky beach vibes for advertising, promos, reality and entertainment TV.
Cool, atmospheric orchestral electronic hybrids featuring propulsive piano, sophisticated strings and contemporary electronic beats.
Adrenaline-fuelled, rebellious hardcore rock cues with attitude. Featuring powerful drums, mind bending distorted guitar riffs and loads of swagger. Perfect for action, promos and extreme sports.
Atmospheric and emotional indie folk songs with gentle acoustic guitars, subtle percussion and beautiful male vocal harmonies. Uplifting, romantic and heartfelt, for emotive moments, advertising, drama, and source music.
Rousing, motivating and atmospheric urban beds full of attitude and swagger. Featuring contemporary synths, driving electronic beats and confident vocal FX. Great for sports, advertising, entertainment and reality TV.
Hypnotic, driving, and upbeat electronic 90s style dance tracks for all night raves.
We're feeling the fifties. Classic rock and roll featuring foot-tapping drums, dancing bass and cool electric guitars - from rowdy and rollicking to relaxed and leisurely.
A collection of atmospheric tracks with transforming moods - be it from melancholic to inspiring, uncertain to resolute, these cues perfectly soundtrack content with an evolving theme. Especially suited to advertising, promos and dramas.
It's the big one hundred: A mixture of our heaviest hitters, team favourites and guilty pleasures from across the catalogue. Listen through to the Bibliotheque story so far - here's to the next one hundred.
Atmospheric, attitude-filled Afrobeats and beds featuring syncopated electronic beats and contemporary synths. Perfect for entertainment and reality TV, advertising and fashion.
Atmospheric urban beds and underscores featuring cool hip hop beats and synths. From brooding and threatening to bright and inspiring, perfect for sports, entertainment and reality TV.
Propulsive, dramatic and brooding electronica full of energy and attitude, featuring powerful beats and mysterious synths. For action, sci-fi, sports, promos and advertising.
Sophisticated and stylish cues for a life of leisure. Elegant Riviera strings weave with orchestra and drums for tracks perfect for cocktails, casinos, white beaches and luxury.
Expansive, intriguing and beautiful electronic and orchestral cues full of atmosphere. A beautiful collection of unique tracks for drama, adventure, advertising and film.
Tough, determined female pop songs full of attitude. Commercial, contemporary and inspiring tracks with powerful vocals, huge choruses and swagger.
Atmospheric, organic and emotive scene setters featuring beautiful strings and gentle, innocent acoustic guitars. String beds and underscores for soundtrack, From bright and neutral, to emotional and dreamy, to brooding and bluesy.
Lighthearted and carefree Parisian swing featuring summery acoustic guitars with classical guitar melodies. Whimsical, romantic and uplifting, for dramas, reality TV and quirky adverts. Includes vintage mix of each track.
Upbeat, contemporary and summery African-inspired pop featuring carefree vocals, cool percussion and bright synths. Commercial tracks perfect for advertising, fashion and reality TV.
A cool and dramatic fusion of modern electronic beats and traditional Indian instrumentation. Contemporary, commercial and atmospheric.
Brooding, atmospheric and rousing tracks on the theme of remembrance, including traditional hymns and beautiful orchestral scores.
Atmospheric, dramatic and minimal underscores for drama, documentary and reality TV. A collection of moods, from dark and suspenseful, to bright and wondrous, to quirky, playful and mysterious.
Beautiful, cinematic and dramatic electronic orchestral hybrids. Atmospheric scores for drama, documentaries and advertising, with cool, contemporary beats and sophisticated strings.
A stand-out soundtrack collection of unusual and unique scores. A treasure trove of atmosphere and intrigue, quirky, dark and dramatic, conjuring vivid images. The perfect, daring pairing for the right content.
Layers of ethereal synths weave and build in these atmospheric and dramatic electronic tracks with a post rock feel. From beautiful and inspiring to tense and ominous. For documentary, drama, commercials, promos and reality TV.
Americana rock and pop songs featuring atmospheric acoustic and electric guitars, driving drums and cool male vocals. From positive and upbeat to dark, bluesy and brooding.
Summery, fun and cool retro soul, featuring upbeat drums, playful percussion, funky guitars, euphoric brass and confident vocal cuts. Perfect for commercials, promos, entertainment and positive content.
A collection of beautiful, emotive and atmospheric songs with male and female vocals, from traditional folk to indie, pop and dramatic, stomp clap blues rock. With versatile uses ranging from dramas to advertising, reality TV and fashion.
Atmospheric urban beds and underscores featuring cool hip hop beats and synths. From dark and dramatic to euphoric and celebratory, perfect for sports, entertainment and reality TV.
Determined and atmospheric electronic orchestral hybrid tracks, featuring high energy EDM beats, stylish and sophisticated strings and bright, determined and hypnotic synths. Commercial electronica for fashion, entertainment TV and commercials.
A collection of percussion focussed tracks, from euphoric pop to stylish and sophisticated big band jazz, with unbelievable drum solos and full of edit points.
Uplifting and positive songs 80's inspired pop songs. The perfect soundtrack for teen rebels and summer adventures.
Reflective, poignant and atmospheric solo guitar arrangements of classical songs. Beautiful, minimal and traditional, the perfect panoramic scene setters.
Panoramic, expansive and inspiring tracks featuring emotive piano, expressive strings and mysterious hang drum. Beautiful, hopeful and poignant, perfect for documentaries, drama, nature and landscapes.
Dark and determined industrial rock tracks, full of attitude and swagger. Action-packed and dramatic scene-setters featuring powerful beats, atmospheric and mysterious synths and full-throttle electric guitars.
Beautiful Americana featuring sprightly fiddle, foot-tapping drums, warm acoustic guitars and atmospheric slide guitars. Panoramic country folk and blues with tracks ranging from inspiring adventure for the open road, to poignant nostalgia for the front porch.
Electronic Pop, Trap, Dubstep and Hip Hop. Warm synths, chopped up vocal samples, swaggering beats and futuristic atmospheric soul.
Sentimental, romantic and nostalgic indie songs featuring male vocals with bittersweet, emotive lyrics.
A contemporary fusion of traditional, atmospheric Middle Eastern elements with cool, modern electronic beats and synths.
A collection of versatile instrumentals led by the beautiful and unusual hang drum, with moods ranging from innocent and uplifting, to bright and playful, to mysterious, sorrowful and investigative.
Upbeat summery electro pop, house and dance with a fresh contemporary feminine feel. Sunshine, swimming pool, funky beach vibes.
A collection of classical film score like cello led pieces. Light and airy. Melancholic and introspective. At times warm and uplifting, at others reflective and mournful.
A variety of guitar led ambient sound beds. Including tranquil, serene minimal meditative beds, acoustic warm and hopeful pieces and more driving electric guitar tracks. Chilled, reflective and atmospheric.
Indie Brit Rock with swagger, attitude and energy. From anthemic, upbeat stadium rock to Manchester-influenced Brit Pop. Heavy, distorted guitars, scuzzy vocals and cool instrumentals.
Cool, funky jazz with a retro feel. 100% authentic, real instruments and live recordings. Sophisticated, warm with soulful swagger.
Sophisticated contemporary classical scores, highlighting the violin/string sections.
Dramatic instrumental Hip-Hop. Epic, cinematic and dark with swagger, attitude and punch.
From upbeat, to cute, to bittersweet and more. A nu-folk album with warmth, heart and fun.
A collection of emotive, building tracks ranging from wondrous soundscapes, and ambient post rock, to uplifting pop and edgy electronics.
A sophisticated collection of well known Classical Solo piano pieces. Composed by Beethoven, Chopin, Satie, Debussy and Granados.
A wide variety of exciting, upbeat and energetic commercial tracks, encompassing different pop styles, all featuring female vocals.
A lovely collection of piano & string led contemporary classical tracks. Melancholic, brooding, warm, playful and uplifting, made with real instruments.
Contemporary (urban) compositions, connecting the dots between trap, grime and 2000s hip hop.
Contemporary electronic urban production blended with cinematic modern-classical tones. Brooding sophistication. Depth and Feeling. At times melancholic and hypnotic, at others uplifting & hopeful. The album walks a fine, twilight line between between light and dark.
Positive guitar-lead tracks with contemporary production and a folk-pop sensibility.
Dramatic, climatic guitar lead orchestral pieces. Ranging from atmospheric & brooding to epic and powerful.
Upbeat Dance, Pop & Electro cues with attitude. Funky, edgy and upbeat, perfect for entertainment and reality TV, sports and positive news.

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