Folk. Classical. Film score strings. Melancholic acoustic guitar and cello intro opens up into a warm and wondrous string heavy upliting crescendo. Light airy and positive.
Classical film score. Atmospheres. Minimal, introspective and sentimental. Piano and cello combining. Emotive, serious and solemn.
Classical film score & folk atmospheres, Slightly, melancholic but warm also. Electric organ and cello combining. Tentative and hopeful, classical, sophisticated and reflective & sentimental. Subtly wondrous.
Classical film score & folk atmospheres, Light, airy and sentimental. Emotive cello with reflective, tentative, classical and melancholic tone.
Classical film score. Cyclical piano motif with reflective cello melodies. Mournful with a sense of hope. Classical sound-bed atmospheres.
Classical film score atmospheres. Reflective, melancholic and introspective, with a warm, hopeful edge. Emotive, sentimental piano, guitar and cello sound bed.
Classical film score atmospheres. Light and airy sound bed with cascading piano and sophisticated cello melody. Subtly building Into a warm and hopeful classical magic atmosphere. Has an outdoor, expansive feel.
Classical film score atmospheres. Cello, delicate keys and flute. Naive, hopeful and intimate. Reflective and introspective. Uplifting, sentimental and warm.
Classical film score atmospheres. Acoustic guitar and cello combine. Has an outdoor, pastoral, natural feel.
Classical film score atmosphere. Solemn and melancholic. Poignant and sad in tone. Introspective piano and cello sound bed.
Neo-classical film score atmospheres, Cascading rhythms and electric piano give a contemporary classical feel. Warm and emotionally uplifting.