Delicate plucked strings, subtly building with a warm bass tones, a dancing piano melody and emotive strings. Bittersweet and hopeful.
Melancholic solo piano intro, builds with shuffling austere electronic drum beat - which adds weight and sense of scale. And haunting violin melody.
Playful piano and acoustic guitar combine to create a positive tone. Accordion adds an unmistakable french feel. Naive and quirky.
Soft, pulsing 808 kicks with twinkling harmonics. Layers of guitar and strings are then added to create a cascading, driving, warm and positive feel.
Naive, playful plucked string intro, adding piano and then opening out into an uplifting, expansive warm score.
Playful piano groove, builds with whistling and percussion. 80s daytime TV lighthearted drama feel.
Refined slow solo piano, that then builds with cyclic piano melody and emotive strings. Uplifting and rousing.
Stately, emotive but subtly moving solo piano track. Reflective and melancholic with a hint of redemption.
Soft, bittersweet piano, Relaxed, atmospheric and panoramic with an eastern edge.
Piano and swirling background synth pads, strings and gentle electronic beats. Builds to a point then releases to find its melancholic groove.
Dramatic, dark and brooding tones. Cinematic with a desolate touch, out of which comes a sliver of hope.
Heartfelt, emotive piano line. Tumbling, cyclic melodies combine with strings. Sad to begin with then uplifting and beautiful.
Solo bittersweet piano introduction, building to a satisfying but slightly melancholic conclusion.
Sad and emotional to begin with but changing at 1.36 with a light orchestral touch into a warm and uplifting waltz.
Gentle piano introduction, building with bass and strings to give a intriguing tone. Different sections and edit points with flute and plucked strings.