Uplifting, atmospheric, emotive. Layers of bright male vocal harmonies are joined by innocent chimes, sentimental lead vocals and beautiful string swells. Dramatic drums join at 00:50, building with propulsive piano to epic, inspiring peaks. Minimal, percussive and playful bridge from 01:43 builds again to a final chorus and poignant finale.
Cinematic, inspiring, rousing. Hopeful piano melodies are joined by emotive strings and dramatic drums. Male and female wordless vocals layer in beautiful sentimental harmonies, building to determined, uplifting chorus sections with bright synths. Propulsive piano and beat bridge from 01:19 builds again with ethereal vocals to a heartwarming, reflective and epic finale. Aspirational and motivating indie rock soundtrack cue.
Emotional, uplifting, romantic. Gentle, sentimental piano introduction with bright, innocent chimes is joined by rising strings and reflective, wordless male vocals, powerful drums and expansive electric guitars. Relaxed, heartfelt chorus pulls back to atmospheric, emotive bridge, before building back to a cinematic finale with dramatic percussion. Inspiring indie.
Rousing, innocent, cinematic. Magical, innocent chimes with sentimental piano, propulsive beats and vocal FX are joined by powerful male wordless vocals, dramatic drums and urgent, driving short strings. Inspiring chorus leads into minimal, ethereal and atmospheric bridge before building again to an epic finale. Positive indie rock full of a sense of adventure.
Inspiring, motivating, emotive. Light, innocent piano with beautiful worldless male and female vocal cuts weave with magical chimes and atmospheric percussion, building to a wondrous chorus with emotional strings. Minimal, percussive bridge builds again to an epic, cinematic and magical finale. Aspirational indie full of hope and determination.
Rousing, wondrous, determined. Atmospheric wordless male vocal cuts with gentle acoustic guitar, innocent chimes and bright, uplifting woodwind. Emotive strings join along with dramatic, propulsive drums for an epic chorus before pulling back for a relaxed, and hopeful verse. Another chorus featuring bell tolls leads into a final, heartfelt verse and a rousing, inspiring finale. Positive and aspirational indie.
Expansive, atmospheric, inspiring. Bright, wordless male vocals in beautiful harmonising layers weave and build with relaxed, positive keys and emotive strings, magical chimes and cool drums. Laid-back, reflective and emotional indie soundtrack with cinematic electric guitars and warm, summery vibes with a gentle sense of adventure and motivation.
Melancholic, determined, reflective. Bittersweet, poignant piano introduction is joined by mysterious, wordless, male vocal harmonies and dramatic drums. Brooding melodies weave with emotive strings, becoming more dramatic, courageous and hopeful. Rousing, aspirational indie rock, with an inspiring crescendo leading into a minimal and reflective outro from 01:37 full of emotion.
Aspirational, heartfelt, emotive. Thoughtful, mysterious piano introduction is joined by wondrous layers of wordless vocal harmonies. Dramatic beats and emotive string swells join from 00:58, adding an air of ethereal, inspiring magic. Warm, atmospheric textures weave hypnotically. Inspiring and determined indie for dreams being made true.
Aspirational, uplifting, adventure. Bright layers of wordless vocal harmonies with determined piano, innocent chimes, dramatic strings and powerful drums. Builds to a rousing peak with vocal FX. Inspiring indie rock full of courage and emotion, with a cinematic, panoramic sense of flying.
Cinematic, aspirational, determined. Relaxed guitar intro is joined by keys and quirky vocal cuts. Beautiful wordless vocal harmonies are joined by drums, growling brass and emotive, rising strings. Playful bridge from 00:46 with bright woodwind and percussion leads into an uplifting chorus. Dramatic military style drums with brass build to a determined epic climax with expansive electric guitars. Inspiring, panoramic and rousing indie.