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Bibliotheque Music is a production music library born out of our combined experience as music publishers, supervisors and composers.

Our pedigree is independent music. Our aim is to create a library of music, which is accessible and functional, while maintaining the attention to detail and authenticity of the music we love. Our priority is to work with our writers to develop a catalogue, which is indistinguishable from commercial music in terms of both quality and creativity.

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Featured playlists

From bright, innocent scene-setters to curtain twitching, illicit liaisons. A mix of our best dramedy tracks.
Upbeat, euphoric pop, cool urban trap, whatever the genre and mood you're after, we've got the perfect reality TV-ready tracks.
Confident and determined tracks for pushing forth, channelling strength and overcoming adversity. Swaggering, indie rock, dramatic & intense trailer tracks and dramatic beats with attitude.
Drama, tension, tears and triumph! A great selection of tracks to reflect the many different pitch-side emotions.

Featured Albums

Upbeat, playful funk and soul tracks with jazzy solos, catchy choruses and atmospheric vocals. Attitude, fun and carefree celebration. For TV, advertising and summertime parties.
Atmospheric and impactful beds full of dark emotion. From the haunting and eerie to the determined, ominous and rousing, these minimal instrumental cues are perfect for where tension and drama are needed.
Relaxed, playful and carefree ska and reggae for long summer evenings. Featuring upbeat drums, confident brass melodies and funky guitars. Great for advertising.
Upbeat, contemporary pop cues full of attitude and swagger. Confident vocals and driving beats build to catchy, impactful choruses. Great for advertising, promos and reality TV.
Cinematic, atmospheric and mysterious beds for unfolding drama, developing investigations and dark peril. Expansive, organic and impactful cues full of emotion, reminiscent of cold, dark, wide landscapes, endless skies and the longest night.
Atmospheric and unique contemporary electronica. Expansive and minimal cues, building in sophisticated textural patterns to create complex and mesmerising electronic creations.
Characterful and cinematic 60's cues, from jazz to surf rock to blues. A versatile and sophisticated retro collection.
Haunting, mysterious and suspenseful cues full of drama. From anxious and uneasy to frantic and threatening, perfect for tense, spooky content and dark horror.
Expansive, cinematic and emotive scores with beautiful and atmospheric Indian instrumentation and heartfelt, poignant melodies. Great for documentaries, advertising, drama and nature.
Sparse, eerie and expansive ambient beds full of thoughtful mystery, suspense and emotion. A stand-out collection of organic and beautiful cues which evoke images of distant, desolate landscapes, deserts, deep ocean and the far reaches of space.
Cinematic, expansive and rebellious rock and blues from the desert. Full of attitude and stomp-clap swagger, Inspired by dusty landscapes, the open road and endless skies, and perfect for promos, drama, film, advertising and reality TV.
Lighthearted and summery Parisian swing featuring carefree acoustic guitars with classical guitar melodies. Whimsical, romantic and uplifting, for dramas, reality TV and quirky adverts. Includes vintage mix of each track.
Cinematic, organic and atmospheric traditional Baltic cues, from Russian dances to innocent folk cues, with a panoramic sense of adventure. Beautiful and authentic tracks for travel, nature, landscapes and advertising.
Upbeat, energetic and confident big band cues with attitude. Dramatic brass, funky guitars and driving drums build to euphoric, rousing peaks. Perfect for advertising and promo.
Upbeat and positive pop soul songs with a carefree, summery feel. Featuring confident vocals, funky guitars and joyful, catchy melodies.
Cool, hypnotic and atmospheric psych and alternative rock with attitude. Featuring expansive electric guitar riffs, relaxed drums and a dreamy, summery vibe.
Summery, positive, upbeat electro pop with a fresh, contemporary and feminine feel. Sunshine, swimming pool and funky beach vibes for advertising, promos, reality and entertainment TV.
Dramatic, rousing and expansive orchestral scores from poignant and melancholic to epic and heroic. A beautiful and varied collection of contemporary classical scene setters.
Adrenaline-fuelled, rebellious hardcore rock cues with attitude. Featuring powerful drums, mind bending distorted guitar riffs and loads of swagger. Perfect for action, promos and extreme sports.
Rousing, motivating and atmospheric urban beds full of attitude and swagger. Featuring contemporary synths, driving electronic beats and confident vocal FX. Great for sports, advertising, entertainment and reality TV.